Technical Subjects

The following is a list of our technical subjects.

We adhere to the prescribed National Curriculum Statement – Technical Occupational Curriculum (TOC) that can be found by clicking on the link below.

Technical Occupational Curriculum 

Office Administration

Mr C. Joubert is the Office Administration workshop educator.

Mr C. Joubert

Consumer Studies – Sewing

Mrs A. Gouws

Mrs A. Gouws is the Sewing workshop educator. 

Hairdressing and Beauty Care

Mrs B. Prins and Mrs Z. Klassen are the two Hairdressing educators.

Mrs B. Prins
Mrs Z. Klassen

Maintenance Workshop 1

Mr J. Koen

Mr M. Marais

We have two Maintenance workshops. Mr J. Koen and Mr P. Mouton are the educators in the one workshop. 

Maintenance Workshop 2

Mr P. Prins and Mr C. Bezuidenhout are the two Maintenance educators in the other workshop . 

Mr P. Prins

Mr C. Bezuidenhout

Hospitality Studies

Mrs L. Oosthuizen

Mrs Y. Simon

Mrs L. Oosthuizen and Mrs Y. Simon are the Hospitality Studies educators. 

Ancillary Health Care

Mrs L. de Jager is the Ancillary Health Care educator.

Mrs L. de Jager

Body works:
Panel Beating Spray Painting combined

Mr B. Moore

Mr B. Moore and Mr H. van Rensburg are the Body works: Panel Beating Spray Painting Combined workshop educators.

Agriculture Studies

Agriculture Studies started in 2020. Mr E. Gerber and Mr C. Barnardo teach this subject. 

Mr E. Gerber

Mr C. Barnardo

Art and Crafts (signage)

Mrs M. Osborne

Mrs M. Osborne is the Art and Crafts educator. 

Welding Workshop 1

We have two Welding workshops. Mr K. Schoeman and Mr E. Breedt teach Welding in one workshop. 

Mr K. Schoeman

Mr E. Breedt

Welding Workshop 2

Mr J. Tessner and Mr G. Cronje are the two educators in the other Welding workshop. 

Mr J. Tessner

Mr H.Human

Woodwork and Timber

Mr E. Ungerer and Mr H. Groenewald are the two Woodwork and Timber workshop educators.

Mr E. Ungerer

Mr R. Allers