We use Culture in our school to connect the learners with the community and give them a sense of belonging. This is imperative to help build the learner’s identity. 

United Christian Student's Association (UCSA)

Members of the UCSA come together for a meeting once a week for about three quarters of an hour.  Different activities are arranged during the year including a camp. 


Learners with a gift for singing are encouraged to form part of the choir. They practise once a week throughout the year.

Valentine's Show

Each year we present our Valentine’s Show in February.

Westview's got talent

Each year we have our very own Talent Show where our learners take part and show off their talents. Our top performances receives prizes. 

Mr & Miss Westview

Each year our Year 3 & 4 learners have the opportunity to take part in our Mr and Miss Westview competition.    

Christmas show

Each year we have a Christmas play to start the holidays on a special note.